What's your motivation for working out?

working out at a gym
Last week, I joined a gym. I'm not a gym person. I don't need to train for an Ironman event. I enjoy doing things alone and don't need small talk to burn calories. But, I wasn't burning any calories, wasn't working out, and was giving in to my lazy side. While on the Arc Trainer (I learned a new term there!), I was able to imagine how toned my body would look this summer and how healthy I'd be. As I pushed the resistance button on the panel, I noticed how strong and nourished my nails looked. I then wondered if I had the right motivation for joining a gym and looking good. 

I may have smooth and healthy cuticles after mixing up my jojoba cuticle oil, but what purpose are smooth hands if I'm not going to use them for good? What good is a beautiful smile if it's not going to brighten someone's day? What's the point of fitting into a certain jeans size if my only goal is to impress people?

My obsession with looking good in the mirror and in front of people came to a screeching halt (well, more like a slow roll) a few years ago as I began to ponder these questions. 

With the grace of God, I went on the offensive after Insecurity with the determination and might of Diana. Instead of a lasso, however, I learned how to use the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God. One of my favorite thoughts is, "Blessed is the woman who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him." I am reminded that my confidence is not in manicured nails, a slim physique, or my awkward social nature. Instead, my confidence is in Jesus. Whew! That changes everything!

No longer hindered by the emotional disability of insecurity, I'm now able to look away from the mirror and into the lives of my family, my friends, my church, my neighborhood, and my world. 

And how interesting, as I got to reading the Bible, I kept seeing phrases like, Help others, Tell others, Give to the poor, Go and see... It's hard to do those things when you are fearful what others may think. 

I am mindful each day of my ability to either make a positive difference in the someone's life or to focus on my self-proclaimed shortcomings. I have learned that it is just about impossible to do both. When I set my mind on truth, I'm free to use my hands, my smile, and my talents to help another person through today. 

So, I think I'll keep going to the gym. I'll have moisturized nails, strong arms, and a healthy heart, and I'll use those gifts to make someone's day brighter. Who knows? I may even start up a conversation about how beauty begins with biscotti!


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