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Inspiring Ladies Interview: Crissy Kemp

Inspire. My Word for the year. It's a desire of mine to inspire women by highlighting the passions and achievements of fellow women. What a delight it is for me to highlight one of my dear friends. 

I first met Crissy at church years ago. Her family jumped right into serving in various capacities. She always has open arms and a welcoming smile. One thing that stands out for me is Crissy's refusal to sit comfortably. I've seen her evolve into a leader of women and yearn for intimacy with God. She has used her pursuits as a small business woman to bring others closer to the Lord. I was able to talk with Crissy recently about how she inspires women through her ministries and businesses. I think you'll enjoy our conversation as much as I did.
Tell me a little about your ministries:
I work with the Homeless Period Project and help provide feminine hygiene products to school-age girls. Getting your period in elementary school can be a scary thing. Some girls do not attend schoo…

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