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Happy Father's Day!

Here's a photo from a few years ago in my parents' backyard. This may have been when we celebrated my dad's retirement? He was a skilled baker who could make donuts, kolache, and cakes, among other treats. Dad is the reason for my mean spiral, my ability to make a three-pointer, and my fearless fly ball catching. He was my biggest fan, and gave me the courage to try out for every middle school and high school sport available. If Alliance Aviators had a team, I was on it! I didn't excel at any, but I REALLY enjoyed being part of the team. Ha! My sister and I had loads of fun on the tennis team as singles and doubles players. The first thing my dad asked was, "Did you have fun?" Winning was just a bonus. 

Some things I'll always treasure:

Dad could untie, untangle, figure out anythingHonesty and hard work built his characterDad loves his familyHe's a great listenerSteadfast and dependable is his natureI'm blessed to call this man my dad. Happy Father&…

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