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Roll On the Relief

One of the things I love about being an independent distributor for YL is the ability to help people improve their lives. A sweet friend recently was telling me about a loved one who is desperately trying to wean herself off of pain killers. She asked if I could make up something that could help her friend with pain. My mind immediately went to Panaway. This was the ONLY thing that helped my husband deal with his plantar fasciitis a few years back.

Panaway is also great for muscle and joint pain. Additionally, I use it for headaches instead of Peppermint. I think that I get tension headaches, which explains why Panaway is so effective for me. Peppermint heals everyone else's headaches, but not mine. 

After looking in my Essential Oil Desk Reference, I remembered that Lemongrass and Copabia help with inflammation, while Copabia acts as an enhancer for other essential oils. 

Valor has been in my pain recipe since I started making it three years ago.  I can only order one vial of Valor …

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