What If the Easter Story Is True?

I can remember the first time I really pondered the idea. I mean, really thought about it and considered the implications for me. What if it was true? What if the claims made from the alter actually did apply to me? 

That would be weird, since I'm just one person. I taught my kids that Jesus loves them. Bubbles and balls showcased the love Jesus had for children during Sunday mornings as we sang and danced to the stories of the Bible. 

Have you ever known something with your mind and thought you knew it with your heart? 

I knew the message of the Bible was that God loves us and wants a relationship with us. I got that God loved me. I kept up my end of the relationship by talking with God, thanking God and studying God's character in various life groups. 

Then there was this part: God sent his only Son to die for my sins and give me eternal life. Okay, that was kinda over the top. You know what I'm saying!
After trying for so long to wrap my head around the premise of God's boundless love, I decided to suspend my disbelief for just a while. Let's just act like it is true. What would that mean for me?

Hmm, well, it would mean that:

  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 
  • I am clothed with strength and dignity
  • God's peace guards my mind and heart
  • God will lead me onto paths I have not known
  • God is my comforter
  • I have the Holy Spirit to guide me
  • I am forgiven of all mistakes
  • God is working out my circumstances to bring about good
  • I can love freely, not conditionally
  • I can have an abundant life
  • God will take care of me
  • I can be with Jesus forever
These are just some of the promises I found in the Bible that God has for people who rely on His Holy Name. Maybe even me. 

God, if you really sent Jesus to die for me and to give me an abundant life, then show me. 

This skeptical prayer birthed a movement in my soul and mind to find Truth and disregard my misgivings about the validity of the bible. Why would Jesus die for me? That just doesn't make any sense. 

That movement has snowballed into a life transformed by Abundant Love. More than a handful of years later, I am in awe of God's Power and Grace. I don't have all the answers, and I can't take away your skepticism. I can tell you that Jesus did, indeed, die for you and me, but more importantly, he didn't stay dead! Jesus conquered death! 

You don't have to stay dead in your thinking. 
You don't have to stay dead in your circumstance.
You don't have to stay dead in your past.
You don't have to stay dead in your shame.
You don't have to stay dead.

Jesus is risen! Jesus is alive!

I pray that the hope of Easter is in you. When you are in Mass or at service or at home this week, I pray that your heart would be opened to the unfathomable love God has for you. And me ;-)