Inspired by Biscotti

My best ideas, plans, revelations, prayers, and posts come to me when I am dunking a biscotti in spicy chai tea with a bit of honey and milk or in a cup of bold coffee. In just a few seconds the hard biscuit is softened, resulting in a pleasing bite of anise and almond crunch. These moments of pure bliss are savored, as the Italian treats are packed with calories. I've even been known to dunk half a cookie and indulge my creative side, then finish the other half as a reward for bringing closure to my quiet time. 
There are a few reasons why I’m so inspired during this time. Biscotti brings back sweet memories of dipping the old-fashioned cookie in my whole milk as a young child. My robust grandma would chant, "Manga! Manga!" as she she lowered her own hard snack in her black coffee. The nostalgia for not having a care in the world while enduring hugs, kisses, and flavorful treats might have something to do with the magic of the moment. Or maybe listening to the house creak, the clock tick, and my cat purr while I savor the quietness of the night fuels my light for dreaming and composing. The main reason beauty begins with biscotti stems from my inspiration. One quiet night, as I began to soften a chocolate almond treat, I resolved to give the Lord My God my whole heart, to believe God, and to trust my future with Jesus. My life has never been the same! My life has been transformed and I'm a better wife, mom, and friend because of Him.