Jojoba and Almond Cuticle Oil

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My nails were gross and I had to do something about it! I have a nervous habit of sliding my fingers together absentmindedly, so my dry skin and thick cuticles were getting worse each day. I might remember to rub lotion on my hands from my morning routine, but by lunch, my nails were unsightly. Well, okay, not that bad, just really dry.

I have never used jojoba oil before and recently realized I was saying it wrong. It's not Jojo like in the Beatles song, instead it's pronounced hoho-ba. I've seen it as an ingredient in lots of health and wellness recipes and figured I could use it for other things. I found this one on Amazon.
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Cuticle Oil

So, sweet almond oil, which is different from almond oil, was already in my pantry. I hosted a Make and Take at my house in November and needed sweet almond oil for Peppermint Body Butter. Hmmm, that stuff smells and feels so good! I purchased the sweet almond oil and dropper bottle from Amazon as well. I don't get any money from mentioning them, I'm just telling you where I found my stuff!

You can find Vitamin E oil at the Walmart Neighborhood Market in the vitamin aisle. 
Get your Vitamin E oil at Walmart Neighborhood Market

I purchased the Cedarwood and Lavender essential oils from Young Living, the best way to get essential oils. I was surprised to see Cedarwood in this recipe. I've only used it for sleep and cause it smells good. So, I knew lavender was great for healing skin and it turns out that Cedarwood has an ability to smooth the look of skin. I love how this combination smells, so when I found that I can combine it in lotion for my nails, I was game. 
It took me five minutes to mix this up. Here's what you do:

Mix these in a glass bottle with a dropper:
40 drops sweet almond oil
40 drops jojoba oil
4 drops vitamin E oil
4 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops cedarwood essential oil
I usually use a 1:4 ratio of essential oils to carrier oils, but I thought I'd just try this dilution. It's perfect! It has that woodsy, calming scent, but it's not overpowering. As an added bonus, I noticed my nails seemed to be stronger. 

Let me know how healthy and good your nails look after using this easy to make cuticle oil!