Fruit Infused Water Pitcher

So, water. We know we're all supposed to drink lots of of it. We've all heard the great many things water can prevent and cure. But, drinking it is the problem! Well, at least, for me. 

I've made detox water with mint, lemon, green apple, and cucumber and stored that in mason jars in the fridge, but that takes so much work for just a little jar.

Well, I found something that helps to keep me hydrated all day and is easy to set up. Easy. That's the key for me.

This water pitcher is made by Contigo and has an infuser for fruit, herbs, veggies, etc. Water infused with mandarin orange is my boys' favorite water. I really like the taste of cucumber water. Lemon and then lime are next on my list. The pitcher holds 72 oz, which works out well since I'm supposed to drink half of my body weight in water. Maybe one day I'll be able to use a smaller pitcher!

But, for now, this pitcher works well. I'd love to know how do you manage to get your daily intake of water?