Infused with Freshness

Beauty begins with Biscotti
After a relaxing summer spent with family and friends, I've been able to give Beauty Begins with Biscotti a new focus.

So, my posts have been MIA this summer. The same thing happened last year as well. I'll intentionally plan for that next July! I've spent my time the last couple months at Folly Beach, Centrifuge, a family reunion, preparing for and attending Living Proof Live Greenville, and the Pacific Northwest.

I knew my blog needed an update and a breath of freshness, but I didn't know how or what that looked like. I've been able to spend some time thinking, brainstorming, reflecting, and reading, and I have a renewed sense of purpose.

I mentioned before that I have a desire to share the wonders that God has accomplished in my life, and how all aspects of my life have been transformed. Most notably, I've experienced a difference in my home, my dinner table, and my relationships. However, trying to show and tell all that in a blog is totally overwhelming and beyond the scope of my ability to juggle life and all that stuff in a blog.

Thus, Beauty Begins with Biscotti has a new subtitle and focus. I'll continue to share how the Lord has transformed my life, but I will now encourage women through a narrow focus of healthy treats and natural beauty. Having a more streamlined focus will help us both and allow me to share more of the joy of the Lord with you.