But Who Do You Say That I Am?

This is the first time this year that I am blogging from my back deck. My favorite place to write is outside on the patio, under canopy of birds, squirrels and trees. It's just been too cold otherwise, even with an afghan around my shoulders. It's a wonderful environment from which to write about something so dear to my heart.

You may have heard me talk about or write about my freedom in Christ. It's something I cannot contain and the main reason I created this blog. I wanted women to know that there's something more out there for them. Something better than living like a beauty queen contestant, a stressed out workaholic, a overwhelmed mother. That there is hope for people dealing with anxiety, depression, parenting, marriage, friendships, and laundry. 

It's not a pill, a spell, a program, or a technique. It's not even an oil! Freedom in Christ is the result of surrendering your life to Jesus. (Cue eye rolling.) That's pretty heady. I mean, it's what happens when you decide to commit to live your life like Jesus instructed us to in the Bible. I was almost afraid to write that because so many times I fail to live my life like that. I definitely try, though, because I know what it's like to live life on my own terms. 

The Bible can be intimidating, at least it was for me. Bible study authors Joyce Meyer, Priscilla Shier, and Beth Moore have helped me make sense of the Bible and learn to apply it to my life. But for me, Beth Moore has been instrumental in helping me live out Bible truths, understand freedom from sin, and find security in Jesus. Hands down, the study that catapulted me from church goer to Christian woman was the study called Breaking Free. It helped me to change my life forever. 

That's why I am so excited to tell you that Beth Moore is coming to Greenville, SC in July through an event called Living Proof Live. It's a two day event filled with worship, encouragement, and a chance to see what all this fuss about Jesus might be. 

But, here's the cool part. For all of my local friends, there's a Kick-off Rally this Thursday at Fairview Church at 6:30. LifeWay will be there with a video stream from Beth. And it's free! Two tickets to the July event will be given away, as well as TONS of other prizes and gifts. Come for food, socializing, prizes, a chance to learn more about Living Proof Live, and you'll get an inside look at how this main event is coming together. 

I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to serve as the Technical Coordinator for LPL. I love giving back to a ministry that has made such an impact in my life. I'm maintaining their Facebook and Twitter page. Visit us at either social media site. I'm even more excited about how Living Proof Live might change the life of another woman for the better. There's beauty in sharing the hope of Christ with others.