I'm still on that high you get from spending time together with your family and making memories that will span generations. It was such a treat for me to spend Thanksgiving in Ohio this year. Last year Jack Frost made it too dangerous to travel, so the fair weather was much appreciated last weekend. My sister was so gracious to host, and we joined my parents and my brother with his family. Fifteen people, two cats, and a dog enjoyed a weekend together. 

The great part was the amount of time we all got to hang out with each other. We drove up Wednesday and joined my sister and parents, then my brother's gang joined us for the turkey and spent time with us through Saturday. Playing games, having a snowball fight, roasting hotdogs over a fire, talking, laughing, catching up... 

Having my brother and sister and their families and my parents together for the holiday is definitely a blessing I can count. I just loved that my boys could hang out with their first cousins, and all the grandkids could have fun with grandma and papa. It's so hard to get all of us together in the same place at the same time, this was really a treat. 

I think I just love being myself around the people who love me and the people I love. No pretense, yoga pants, headband, quirks, and all that. Family is made up of the people God has given us, and I'm a better person because of mine. Beauty begins with loving the people God has allowed to be called our family, and then enjoying a dunk of biscotti with them.