Frozen Turkey

So, here I am,  all talking about how organized I am and how much I love to plan my dinners. Well, I planned my Thanksgiving turkey dinner away. 

The boys’ last day of school that week was Tuesday. So we thought we’d leave that night and drive half-way. Wednesday afternoon would get us to Ohio. All of my family still lives in the heart of it all, and we make it up there two to three times a year. My sister just moved into a new house and I was looking forward to seeing her family at their new home. Tuesday afternoon I realized a winter storm was settling on the Southeast and our trip needed to be postponed a day.

Wednesday morning didn’t look any better. Winter storm Boreas filled highway 77 from Columbia to Cleveland with freezing rain, snow, and ice. Mark was concerned with the winding roads through West Virginia, with their switchbacks and steep hills. I spent the morning in tears and Facetimed my family up north. I was in denial and thought maybe we could leave soon. A little while later, friends from church invited us to spend Thanksgiving dinner with them. I thanked them for the invitation and told them I would get back to them soon. 

That evening our family participated in the annual Thanksgiving eve city scavenger hunt. Our church youth group is given an impossible list of items to gather or activities to perform in one hour. Mark was the driver for seven middle school boys. They had a blast! At home that night,  Mark called our friends and told them we were coming to dinner tomorrow.

It was hard to be cheerful when I had hoped to be spending time with my family up north. I was terribly disappointed, but I knew it was the safest choice. Perhaps if I had a spare turkey in the freezer, or went to the store Wednesday and bought sides, then we could have had Thanksgiving at our home. But what good would that do? I was grateful that we had friends that loved us enough to be all up in our business and extend a warm welcome.

Sometimes the best planning and preparation won’t be enough. Being flexible and accepting unexpected blessings bring joy to our lives in ways we just can’t plan for.