Circumstances versus Truth

My pants don’t feel as tight around my waist, but they’re not loose. Spending a week in San Diego afforded me with opportunities to exercise and eat right. I accompanied Mark to a work conference and we stayed in a hotel next to Seaport Village. I had a view of the USS Midway, as well as the many runners, walkers, bikers, and circuit trainers that took advantage of the sidewalk that spanned the harbor. I was up early every day, as I was adjusting to the three hour time change, so I was able to enjoy the morning air for about two miles. Then I spent an hour on an elliptical or bike or both. Since we were right downtown, we walked just about everywhere. There’s SUCH an emphasis on eating healthy in California. It’s just expected, which is different from South Carolina, where taste trumps tiny tummies. 

Our last two days in California were spent at a mountain home in Idyllwild that belongs to Mark’s aunt and uncle. The quiet mountain air was a pleasant contrast to the busyness of San Diego. It was at their mountain home that I was able to share how my faith is integral to my life. Drawing my strength and contentment from Jesus allows me to go through trials and joys with a firm foundation. That being said, I am now going through life with the biggest body I’ve ever had. Years ago, this circumstance would have left me devastated, since much of my identity and self-worth were tied to my appearance. Now, I realize that my weight is just that, a circumstance, and all circumstances are temporary. How wonderful is it to be joyful during this challenge!

I have to remind myself everyday that I am first a child of God, and that all of my other roles come second to that status. By being mindful of that position, I defend my mind and heart from negative thinking, such as:

My happiness is tied to my appearance, my profession, my marriage, my parenting, my friendships, my accomplishments, my ____________________. 

You have your own blank. I challenge and encourage you stop binding your worth and happiness to your circumstance! 

Trust your heart with Jesus, and you will have the power experience a joy that comes from trusting your life with the creator of the universe. His love never ends. I speak from experience, and I am just a regular person who has overcome feelings of unworthiness and replaced those feelings with Truths. 

So, this recent padding around my midriff and back side might be my little reminder that an unwelcome circumstance is just another reason to trust Jesus with my happiness, not my pant size.