Booty Begins with Biscotti

This is a more fitting name of my blog right now. Since last August, I have gained 20 pounds! Now, I’m not fat by any means, but I have a little more padding all over than I used to. And my clothes are tight and leave those uncomfortable marks and lines on my skin when I can finally put on comfy clothes (a.k.a yoga pants and a cami). My weight became a problem when at my last doctor’s visit, my physician said I was overweight and on a trajectory to health problems. She noted that if I continue on this path to weight gain, it will be extremely difficult to revert back to my former body. 

If you are over 40, you probably know what I am talking about, unless you are lucky enough to have an active lifestyle coupled with skinny genes. If you are not 40 yet, then prepare yourself. It is coming. I had heard women talk about their bodies changing in their fourth decade, but I proudly just attributed it to lack of self-discipline and blessed their heart for them. I have always eaten whatever I wanted and offset brownies and cookies with running, then walking, then…

It appears that metabolism change is a real thing! “Chocolate chips and Greek yogurt,” I replied in response to what I have daily for breakfast. My doctor did a face palm and then shook her head. After enduring my rave about biscotti and chai tea, she highly encourage me to try Weight Watchers to learn how to enjoy the foods I like while losing weight.

I haven’t joined yet. Since then, I’ve been to the beach with my family and I’m currently in San Diego with Mark. I’m happy to say that I have lived through the deletion of cocoa on my yogurt. I’ve also cut out late night snacks, and, yes, even biscotti. For now. I’ve also been highly active for an hour a day with tennis, bike riding, or an elliptical/treadmill combo.

If feels good to be on the offensive and take a proactive approach to managing my weight. One thing that is guaranteed in life is change, and so I am embracing this newest phase of my life and making adjustments accordingly. I’ll let you know periodically how it’s going. If you are currently losing weight for a healthier lifestyle, then I encourage you to keep up the great work! You can do it! If you are enjoying your body and its magical abilities, then encourage someone today who is struggling to reach their goal.