Digital Family Calendar

Being proactive with your time and energy will give you a head start on each day. For making lists and monitoring short-term goals, Clear is a great app. When planning your month or summer vacation, Google Calendar is a great tool. I noticed that there are many apps for calendars in the app store for iPhones, so it really doesn’t matter which one you use. Google Calendar comes with the the phone, so that’s what I used for a while. Fanatastical is an app that can be used in conjunction with Google Calendar and is easy and fun to use. I love the voice to text feature where I can just say, “sub for Cindy on March 7th from 7:30 am to 3pm” and the components of the  event are placed in the correct fields on the calendar!

The best feature of the program is that you can share a calendar with your family. You can assign a different color for each person in the family, so that you can easily tell who goes with what activity. This aspect improves communication between my husband and me and helps us know when the other one is busy. It’s basically a mini pocket calendar but in digital format. Any time someone asks if I’m available, I can tell them in a moment just by viewing  the calendar app on my phone. 

Planning, organizing and tracking family activities can be tricky, with everyone so busy now days. Having a system for inputting and viewing schedules makes life easier and brings beauty to our days.