From Shifting Sand to Firm Ground

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: No more shifting sand

Most of my blog posts are written with a retrospective glance. I have had so much to say over the past four years about how much I have been transformed by the love of God. And it's just easier for me to write about certain things after the fact. 

For example, it is probably best that I didn't blog about the struggles I was having while my husband and I were going through marriage counseling. There would not have been many encouraging words coming from the screen. Have you ever tried talking about, let alone blog about, life while suffocating under the cloud of depression? Opening up to others during that blue season of life is like trying to do jumping jacks in a barrel. 

I thank God and praise the Lord for not just getting me through those and other times, but for growing me through trials. 

This post is different, though. It's about what is going on in my life right now. In this moment. And it's harder to write. 

It has been a comfort and a cushion to have a few years between an experience and the expression of it. I've had time to process an issue, reframe it to fit my agenda, and separate myself from the pain surrounding the event. Writing about the here and now leaves me more vulnerable and strips away my shawl of time. 

And then, I am reminded of grace, the knowledge that I am unconditionally loved by the Creator and that my foibles, rebellions and sin are embraced and made whole by Jesus. One of my favorite scripture verses speaking about security in Christ is from Proverbs. She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.

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I am navigating unchartered waters. I'm learning how to be the parent of an adult. I'm going back to work full-time after taking four years off. My older son is entering college. My younger son is starting a charter school. Nothing new around here...

So, I'm simply standing on the firm ground I so fiercely fought for and putting one foot in front of the other. I'm trusting in the Lord as I send my kids off to new adventures. I'm reminding myself of the sweet promises that God offers his children. 

Are you embarking on a new phase of life or new opportunity? How are you letting God be part of this next step in your journey?