Wise Counsel

A little encouragement for today. I'm reflecting on the truth of this statement and lessons learned from heeding this advice. Much harsher lessons are engraved in my memory from blatant disregard for wise counsel. I've learned not to be as hard-headed as I age, but independence is still my default mode. 

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: treasured mentors

Some lessons we can both take from Proverbs 15:22

  • Never make a decision in a vacuum
  • Be vulnerable enough to tell someone your plans
  • Be open to feedback 
  • Carefully consider the views of others who have walked in your shoes
  • Ask for advice from at least two other people who produce fruit of the Spirit
  • Allow God to speak to your heart
There are more insights to glean from this truth, but the six suggestions above are the ones hardest for me to embrace and also offer a good return. 

What decisions are you pondering? Who are you entrusting with your goals and plans? I'd love to encourage you through the process!