Spring of Water Welling Up

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: From Findaspring.com

My heart is grateful for the promise that I will never be thirsty again. I ponder this as I gulp down my lemon water. Mark and I just finished pulling weeds, planting flowers, shooing the cobwebs from the corners of the garage, tidying the yard. Keller, our Golden Retriever, was right there with us. He set up his post where the juniper stops, under the shade of the oak tree. It's a hot day, so we're all hydrating.

There's nothing like a cold glass of water when my face is hot and red. My dry mouth and parched lips compel me to quench my thirst before moving on to anything else. My mind races to phone calls I need to make, laundry that needs washed, and a closet begging to be organized. But, my body will only allow me to think about getting a cup of refreshment. 

As I fill my cup the second time, I wonder what it would be like to never thirst again. Jesus tells the woman at the well that the only way to accomplish this is to drink from the water that he offers. His water is obviously different than the water found in the wells throughout the land. What's more, he promises that his water will become in us a spring of water welling up. 

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Spring of Water

Jesus promises a way to tap into something not available from the world, and his power in us will multiply and provide for us forever. 

I am grateful for this promise because my circumstances are not enough to fulfill my needs and desires. When I look at my current situation, I can't see a solution to looming tuition costs, career advancement, and growing my blogging ministry. I find myself reaching for cups of water that will temporarily quench my thirst. It's unnatural and hard for me to rely on the bubbling brook that has sustained me through so many trials and challenges already. But, I'm determined to cling to Jesus through this time, knowing that He will provide. 

My belly is now full of clean and fresh lemon water. I needed the drink to be reminded of the source of my security and my strength, and I am grateful. 


  1. Oh so grateful for HIM he continually FILLS MY CUP! However; I often find myself having to draw from HIS well frequently and sit and talk for awhile. So blessed HIS well never runs dry and is a never ending source for me when I find myself thirsty. John 4

    1. Praise the Lord! I see you drawing strength from Jesus at school. He is enough!


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