Soothing Vapor Rub

A couple of weeks ago, Dylan had strep throat and a mystery fever. Antibiotics and a combination of Tylenol and Motrin helped bring the fever down. It was the cough that made it hard for him to rest and get relief. I made a Soothing Vapor Rub using coconut oil and essential oils, and it was blessing for us both. I'd already used this remedy last winter on myself, so I knew how effective it was.
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Soothing Vapor RubI enjoy using natural solutions for health and beauty, but I LOVE sharing these concoctions with others when they really work! You won't be disappointed by this, and you can feel good knowing that you're using high quality natural ingredients.

I like to keep these in small canning jars. I put four tablespoons of pure, unrefined coconut oil in each jar. Mix 6-8 drops of RC in one and 6-8 drops of Raven in another. If you are low on cash, just opt for the RC. It's only $10.25 and supports the respiratory system, whereas Raven is $34.75. I've  found that the combination of applying both oils at different times will bring about needed relief. 
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Coconut Oil from Costco
The reason I have each oil in a separate container is so that I can rotate their applications. So, I'll put Raven and coconut oil on the chest, and then hours later, I'll apply the RC/ coconut oil rub. I've also applied these oils to the bottom of the feet with great results. 

RC is a combination of Cypress, Spruce, and three types of Eucalyptus oils. Raven combines Ravensara, Lemon, Wintergreen, Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils. I only recommend Young Living essential oils for their quality and purity. Let me know how your Soothing Vapor Rub turned out!