Much to Celebrate

This month marks the second anniversary of Beauty Begins with Biscotti. The blog has undergone several transformations as I sought out just the right niche and focus for my posts. Never having a blog before, the subtitle started out as, "transforming home, food, and relationships one dunk at a time." I slowly realized that the scope of my blog was too wide and the struggle to mesh post topics was real. There are blogs dedicated just to the home, or just to food, or just to relationships. It became difficult to create a cohesive blog foundation and still allow bbwb to reflect its original purpose: To share how Jesus has transformed my life. 
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Blog transformation
After much reading, researching, and observing blogs I value, I streamlined my content to reflect healthy treats and natural wellness and beauty. These subjects now provide abundant topics and provide a platform for me to share how finding security in God changed the course of my life forever. 

So, in the spirit of sharing and celebrating, I'll be giving away treats for natural beauty throughout November. Check back weekly for the chance to snag some cool gifts to keep for yourself or give to someone special!

There's one thing I want to leave you with today. Do you understand how beautiful you are? There's a God who is head over heels crazy about you! He loves you so much that is is difficult to fathom the extent of His love. I pray that you would consider the fullness of God's love for you today.