Now watch me whip!

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: muscle rub
Today's treat for natural beauty comes in the form of pain cream. This is easy to make and is very effective. I use it mostly on my lower back. My chiropractor told me years ago all that was wrong with my back, so this cream relieves soreness whenever I overdo things. I've noticed that as I age, more things ache on my body! This cream has a wonderful smell and is all natural, which I love! 

Here's how you can make a batch. Get some organic coconut oil. You can use this for so many other things, it's worth the price. I get mine at Costco. 
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: coconut oil
Now, I highly recommend using a mixer to whip the coconut oil into a rich and creamy consistency. This will also prevent the oil from turning into a liquid. It may still liquify at very high temperatures, but nothing like the unwhipped version. I learned this the hard way! I feel bad for my friends and family who received a gift with unwhipped coconut oil. Sorry!
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Coconut Oil
This is was what was left in my container. It's probably two cups.
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Kitchen Aid
I whipped it for about one minute. Then just scrape it into containers. Since you'll be adding essential oils, it's best to store the cream in a glass jar. Add five drops each of Panaway, Lemongrass, and Peppermint. Stir the oils into the cream.
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: cream for joints and muscles
I only had two more small canning jars, so I just put the rest into small plastic containers I found in the dollar section of Target. These make great gifts and they're portable. I'll be bringing mine to school tomorrow, since I know I'll be standing much of the day.
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Watch me whip
Let me know how your cream turns out! I'd love to hear your success stories with this!