Not in the mood and other excuses

It’s just fun to highlight and contour my face for date night. I love accessorizing with a bracelet and scarf. I work out so I don’t have to buy new clothes, but also so I’m healthy and tone. There’s nothing wrong with delighting in the joy of being a woman. I run into a problem when the time I spend texturizing my hair and waxing my upper lip far exceeds the time I spend with God in His Word. Far exceeds! 

Lazy, undisciplined, tired, busy, late, not in the mood… That list was WAY too easy to brainstorm! I could think of many more excuses.
I thought about this, though. I would not go on a date like this with Mark and be like, “Honey, I just didn’t have time to do my hair and I was too busy to look nice.” Nor would I show up to work without making sure my clothes matched and my earrings added a touch of cuteness. 

But that’s exactly what I say to the creator of the universe! The maker of the galaxies. God Most High. That’s ridiculous and I’m forced to face my pride and arrogance and I have to resist the temptation to feel indifferent or disgusted with myself. Instead, I bring to mind a promise I’ve had to memorize for times like this:
I take a minimalist approach to most things, so I don’t spend a lot of time on my hair or skin care. I just don’t like fussing with that stuff. But, I’ve found myself many nights with my head on my pillow wondering why I couldn’t have taken time to spend with the Lord. One night, my heart and skin were pricked with conviction when I realized my motivation for looking good. 

People would see me and like me more and my idol of acceptance would be temporarily appeased.

I am thankful that our God is a patient and loving God. I’m thankful that I realized that a woman can look good AND soak in scripture. Excuses were exchanged for plans and goals. Now, when I shadow and blush my cheekbones, I am reminded of God’s grace, the joy of seeking Him, and the temporary tent of this body.
If you do not struggle to make time for the Lord, then keep up the good work! If you can relate to my experience, make a simple plan and stick with it. Your inner beauty will be the cause for your praise.