Last week of Summer

It's the last full week of summer, and people are noticing! I've worn long sleeves for the past two days now. The three guys in my house are looking forward to cooler temps as I look for my afghan.

It will be nice to blog from my back deck again. Most of the time in the summer, it's just too hot to spend a considerable amount of time outside. I am looking forward to bringing my chai tea, notebook, and blanket to the outdoors again.

We'll all be swapping out shorts for pants or tees for sweaters. These added layers got me thinking about how much time, money, and effort I put into my looks. So, this week, I'll be featuring a way to keep your lashes lush, long, and healthy. You'll definitely want this trick for those date nights!
Later in the week, I'll share about my desire to draw closer to the Lord as I lament my grey roots, curse my belly fat, and wonder when I started growing a beard?

The struggle is real. As I get ready for cooler temperatures, it's nice to know that I can I can always wrap myself in the comfort of God's Word, no matter what I look like.