All natural cleaner

My bathrooms are clean! You've probably already seen this recipe, but it's one worth sharing. I love that it works, it's cheap, and all natural. Apple cider vinegar and water take the spotlight with a little help from essential oils.
Just mix one part ACV with one part water and add your choice of essential oil. I like to add a drop or two of Purification, tea tree oil, or Thieves. For the shower, I spray it all over and come back about ten minutes later and wipe. I was actually able to just wipe the soap scum off the shower and caddy. That was pretty cool. The smell dissipates within ten minutes for those who don't care for the smell. I prefer the smell of apple cider vinegar over regular vinegar.
Since I have it out, I usually just clean the toilet and sink, too. My boys are responsible for cleaning their bathroom, and it gives me peace knowing that they're not using harsh chemicals and inhaling harmful fumes. 

It really works! I'd love to hear your success with this natural cleaner.