Tuesday Treats of Olympia Biscotti

The Olympia Farmer's Market was the only place we visited twice in Washington, and it was here that I found this biscotti at the Blue Heron Cafe on Sunday afternoon. It was orange almond and paired well with the cafe Americano from Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters. I love the dense, chewy texture and the I've always adored the flavors of orange and almond together. We were on a limited budget for the week and I was tempted to also get almond spice, but instead I just took a picture of it for you!
As I was enjoying my steaming hot coffee, my nephew asked, "Aunt Tricia, what is an Americano anyway?" Drew is a rising sophomore at Clemson who had been saving his pennies for just an opportunity like this. He asked if he could hitch a ride with us and our boys were thrilled when we agreed. I mean, they got to hang out with a bonafide college student for a week!
"Something with espresso" was my only response, cause I didn't really know. I thought it'd be fun to share what I learned. Espressocoffees.co.uk defines Caffee Americano as a shot of espresso coffee infused with hot water using a 1:1 ratio of espresso and water. An Americano is as intensive as drip coffee, but with a different taste. So, you basically make a shot of espresso and pour it into a coffee cup and then add boiling water until the drink reaches the top. 
I admit, it does have a different taste than coffee, and it's my current new fav when ordering out. When milk is added, the espresso drink is richer and creamier to me than a cup of coffee. 

There's nothing fancy in my cup tonight, just Dancing Goats blend with milk and honey. I'm researching a plan for reading the Bible chronologically and I thought I needed a extra boost! 

But what about you? Do you like Americanos? What's your favorite drink to dunk a delicious biscotti in? I'd love to hear!