Something Special about Sisters

Mom knew something was up. No one called and asked what she was doing for her birthday or asked her for gift ideas. My sister had her hubby pick me up from the airport that day and when he came home from "work," I waited for the longest fifteen minutes on the front porch until my perfectly timed entrance. My nephew primed mom earlier that morning and told her that a package was arriving for her some time today. A ding-dong from the front door indicated that her gift had finally been delivered. When she looked down at the porch cement, she saw my shoes instead of a brown box! A couple of hours later, Frankie and his crew completed the party. We have my sister to thank for choreographing the day of excitement.

Missy has always been highly creative, artistic, and crafty. She rivals any professional event planner. Room mother activities, projects, home decorating, birthday celebrations, or hair styles all get the same attention to detail and special touches. She applies this same love for creating to crafting a beautiful home life for her family.
It's not just her home furnishings and flower gardens that give her home a comfy feel, but rather her desire to have transparent and meaningful relationships with the people she loves. Maybe this is what makes her a great sister, but I know better. There are some experiences that we just can't put into words. 

There's something special and magical about sisters. Having common experiences and backgrounds let us discuss life with a perspective that no other woman has. Memories, events, and habits shaped us both in ways that only we can understand. Female friendship that is bound by blood creates a bond that we are blessed to know as sisterhood. This state of being sisters is a gift from my mom, and as we celebrate 65 years of her life, I'm grateful for the gift she gave me- a sister.