Monday Musings on the Gift of Family

Today wraps up the last day of summer vacation for my boys. Much of this summer was spent traveling and visiting family. Highlights included the Charles family reunion on the Sumter farm where we were able to visit with folks that live far away and are rarely seen. Another delight was spending a few days at Sea Pines with my sister's family. She rented a beach house at Hilton Head and let us enjoy the ocean for a few nights. Most recently, I surprised my mom for her 65th birthday with a weekend trip to Ohio. My brother and sister gathered their families for a cookout and cake as we enjoyed all being together and swapped stories. 

Family is such a blessing to me! I delight in having my husband and boys loved on by others who truly treasure them. And there's nothing like being pampered and loved by mom and dad! What is it about family that makes them so valuable and precious? The answer will be different for all of us, but for me, it's the knowledge that I can just be me. I'm not a professional, a volunteer, a blogger, community activist, a board member, etc. I'm just Tricia. The irony is that family knows all my quirks, near misses, challenges, longings, trials, values, and beliefs, and they choose to love me because I'm a part of their clan. Never underestimate the power, encouragement, and support your love can have on your family. 

Send someone a card, email, post, text, shout out, etc. and let them know that you're thinking of them. Better yet, create a way to consistently reach out to your relatives and let them know they mean something to you. Intentions are best felt when acted upon. My grandma turned 90 years young, ninety! and has this figured out. For as long as I can remember, she has sent my boys and me a birthday card with a little surprise in each envelope. How sweet! 

This week, I'll be highlighting a natural beauty product you can make using ingredients from your pantry. Perhaps, you'll make one for you and your daughter, sister, mother, or aunt! Later this week, I'll have glimpses of mom's surprise party and a tribute to sisterhood. 

Until then, don't let another day go by without extending a kind word to the people who go by the name of Family.