Back to School Adjustments

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Back to School
Store aisles display decorated notebooks and folders, colorful pencil pouches, and themed lunch boxes. Glue sticks and crayons are on sale in most stores, and advertisements are jam-packed with office and organizational supplies. There's no way around noticing that school is back in session for most kids. 

For those of us with school-aged children or grandchildren, our schedules undergo a slight shift in late August. We're now early risers, the boys are away until early afternoon when homework, tennis, orchestra, guitar, or youth group fills the next couple of hours. Dinner is the only time we are all together and bedtime is now welcomed and needed after working hard throughout the day. 
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Back to School
This year, both of my boys are in high school, and I'm no longer needed to drive them to school or pick them up. That is taking some time to get used to! I loved the precious moments in the car where questions, discussions, singing and laughter floated and somersaulted for just a little while. Of course, this gives me more time for other things and allows me to work outside the home more easily. 

Enjoying their company over an after school snack and a cup of coffee seems to fill my "mommy tank" for now. I absolutely love being a mother of boys, and I treasure the days I have with these fine young men. The boys have transitioned well into their senior and freshman years in high school. And mom is doing fine, too ;-)

I'd love to hear how your home looks different now that the kids are back to school. What adjustments are you making in your day?