Blogging 101

So, in my last post I explained one method for determining the focus and content of a blog. This time I'll be sharing one way to create a blog. Merrion-Webster defines a blog as "a Web site that contains online personal reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer." ANYONE can make a blog, the hard part is maintaining it. 
First decide on a host for your blog. This site does a great job of giving you the pros and cons of a dozen places to house your writing. I chose to go with Blogger because I was familiar with Google, and it's free if you have a gmail account. Google Drive is that thing that lets you store files and folders online (is that a Cloud? That confuses me) and then you can access your uploads from anywhere you have a wireless connection. So, that's convenient. Blogger is also very user friendly and simple in design. That's all I needed. Here's a great tutorial on the basics. 

Once you've created a blog, you'll just need to update it every so often with relevant content. Here are some suggestions:

Create a posting schedule 

Decide how often you'll post and work toward that. Once a month seems too remote between readings, and no one is going to read your blog everyday. So, find a happy medium that suits you and creates connection between your readers and you. 

Make time to think, draft, and revise and edit
I usually have a vague idea what my next three posts will be about, and I put prayer and time into the topics. Drafting is always the longest part of the process for me. I rarely revise the same day I draft; I like having the next day's perspective when rereading a post. Since this is a blog and not a scholarly journal, I don't freak out about using hanging prepositions, passive voice, and what have you. 

Use lots of pictures and graphics
People like pictures and are more likely to read your blog if you have pictures. No reference, just a hunch and lots of experience. 

Assert your own unique voice

Dude, this is a reflection of you, your experiences, and what you have to offer to the larger community. So, be honest, be bold, be yourself, and infuse your blog with your own unique personality, or go home. There are so many blogs out there, make yours stand out with a consistent voice that is especially you. 

Blogs are great ways to promote a product or a company, allow parents to catch a glimpse into their child's classroom, promote a cause, allow others to follow a special time in your life, create a community, and so on. Keep your eyes open for family and friends who would benefit from having a blog and let them know how easy it is to get started.