Winter Wonderland

My home was transformed into a winter wonderland this Christmas. No, I don’t mean with snow and flurries and icicles, but with my family from Ohio. How wonderful it was to have my sister, along with her husband and two boys, staying with us the week of Christmas! With family in the Sandhills and the Buckeye state, we’re usually traveling during the holidays and enjoying the company of relatives. This is the first year that we have hosted Christmas for family, and it was such a privilege. 

My nephews are ages ten and eight and they are both outdoor enthusiasts, so our trampoline and neighborhood trail got a lot of use last week. They are the cutest things and were good sports, enduring an extended stay with their crazy aunt. My younger son hesitantly played the part of “big brother,” a position he’s not used to playing, but it was good for him. My older son took the Lead Hiker position and showed off the trail through the woods. He didn’t have as much luck selling his love for the grunge scene, though!

My sister and I laughed, and laughed, and laughed! We always have a good time when we’re together, and it’s a treat for both of us to have our families together. Schedules and routines were turned upside down and memories were made. What excitement has ever come out of living comfortably and predictably? 

Some highlights of our week included enjoying a visit from my aunt and uncle, eating at Tupelo Honey and showing off Greenville, attending a Christmas Eve service and partying with our neighbors, making stracotto (Italian pot roast) for Christmas dinner, and touring the Biltmore. 

One thing that made this visit a success for all of us was extensive planning. My BIL had to request last week off of work a year and a half in advance. Preparing the house and the fridge so I could enjoy their company was a good move. I want you to enjoy family as much as I do. So, consider what you can do in 2015 to make memories with the ones you love.