Essential Oils

I've been bursting to tell you that I've just started using essential oils...again. I've been hesitant to tell people that I'm using them because I'm not an expert in EOs and there are a lot of things about the oils that I don't know. So, I'm basically learning as I go, and I love learning how to make and use natural remedies for wellness, how to incorporate natural cleaners into my home, and how to support organ systems and boost my family's well-being.

Almost twenty years ago, when I lived on the west coast, essential oils were commonly used for perfume, deodorant, mood changers, cleaning, and immunity-boosting. When I moved from Washington to South Carolina, I realized that EOs had a reputation for only being used by granola/ crunchy/ hippy people, but I wasn't one of those people. I had many friends who were and still are, but I'm not. I remember driving an hour to the nearest Earth Fare to get rose, rosemary, and orange oils. That drive got old and Mark and I didn't have the luxury of spending money on oils with two small children. 

Local grocery stores began carrying "green" cleaning products, deodorant, health and beauty supplies, and the like. And I could still make a mixture of vinegar, water and lemon juice to clean the house. 

Well, a few months ago, I noticed a neighbor posted on social media about how she has been using EOs throughout her day, and she's a busy mom with small children. Since talking with her, I've reignited my hope in essential oils. I ordered a starter kit that came with a diffuser. Around that same time my older son had a hard time enjoying being outside for long periods of time. I diffused essential oils in his room and I was able to increase abundance in his health.  

Anyway, I look forward to sharing more with you about wellness, purpose, and abundance.