Why I Compost

Years ago, I took a class through Clemson Extension Service on how to compost. For $25 I received a compost bin and two hours of expert knowledge on the down-and-dirty of composting. Since then, I have been amazed that even though I keep putting stuff on the top of the pile, the lid is not close to busting off. The material in the bin remains at the same level or lowers! 

There are a couple two-three reasons why I enjoy composting. Firstly, I delight in knowing that my family is reducing the impact we have on our environment by limiting landfill waste. It's a teeny-tiny gesture toward taking care of the world God gave us. It's fairly easy to reserve peels, rinds, pits, seeds, leaves, bread, wilted greens, rotten apples, and the like, for this container, rather than the trash. 

Secondly, I get to indulge the science nerd in me by conducting an ongoing experiment right in my own backyard. The first couple of years, not much compost was produced. Then, I realized my bin wasn't getting enough sun, so we moved it to a sunnier spot. I noticed how much newspaper the container needed in relation to scraps and clippings in order to minimize fruit flies. I saw first-hand that churning the contents of the bin speeds up the process. My boys aren't nearly into the compost bin as much as I am. Ok, they don't even notice it. But, I love explaining the nitrogen to carbon ratio of the contents to them whenever I get a willing ear.

Ultimately, I'll continue composting to benefit from the nutrient-rich crumbly mixture that nurtures my plants and flowers. It's amazing that I put in scraps and useless shells and peels and out comes a beautiful crumbly mess that helps my garden flourish. 
When I hold the earthy pile in my hands, I'm reminded that God does the same thing with me. The hardest part for me of composting is just getting the scraps into the bin, but when I do, I reap the benefits. Likewise, I have to intentionally toss all of my insecurities, anxieties and weaknesses onto God and trust Him to make something beautiful out of my mess.