Finding Contentment in Using What You Have

My closest friends and family, and now you, know that I love to move things around in my house. My inclination to rearrange really stems from my resourcefulness. Repurposing an item allows something old to look new in a different environment. 

This lesson was learned early in life through my parents. I once thought the tv show, MacGyver, was based on the talents of my dad. He really could fix anything: the vacuum, my knotted shoe laces, my math homework problem. Either that or he could build it or make it. My mom was great at creating totes, curtains, or costumes out of fabric found in closets or storage boxes. So, I've always just used what's around for decorating and storage. 

Even small changes in how things are arranged can make a big impact on the presentation and functionality. You might remember how excited I was to finally have a place for my boys' backpacks. Well, their backpacks grew in size, much like they did. The little space was no longer a practical place for the bookbags. And I just didn't like how my cookbooks were positioned. Besides, the shoes on the floor below the baker's rack kept the dirt and dust trapped at the bottom. All of those complaints provided just the excuse I needed to move some things around and make it look just so. 

I know you're supposed to put wine down there, but the shoes fit well and the rack keeps the clay and grass off the floor. I love having my cookbooks right where I can see them and get to them easily. The black basket keeps the mail from being scattered everywhere else.

I've found contentment in using what I have around the house, rearranging things to add freshness to a room, and not being afraid to repurpose an item. There's beauty in transforming your home by looking at old things with a new perspective.