Happy Mother's Day

I am blessed to have my mom. I thank God everyday that I can still pick up the phone and call her. My grandma passed away when I was little and mom was a young mother. I’m sorry for your loss if you have already lost your mother. The older I get, the more I understand and appreciate her. As a parent, I understand things now that I couldn’t grasp in my youth. There are many wonderful traits that my mom passed on to me that I wanted to share with you. 
  • I love my family. Mom showed me how to put your husband and children first in your life. 
  • I live by lists. Mom always had a notebook to organize her duties and time.
  • I love to plan my dinners. Before the world knew who was having tacos on Tuesday, my mom was planning our family meals on a yellow notepad.
  • I’m always rearranging the furniture. My sister-in-law bought me furniture sliders one year for Christmas. It’s that bad. Mom was always trying to make her house look its best. I can relate.
  • I love to open my house to friends and family. Mom was always hosting holiday parties and loved making everyone’s favorite dish.
  • I am a giver and I love to help others. My mom sacrificed her wants and needs so her children could have a better life. There was never a doubt that mom loved us. 
  • I love to decorate the house with fabrics. My mom ever so patiently taught me how to use a sewing machine. I wasn’t a natural. But she is. Mom made us totes, she sewed doll clothes for us, she made the most adorable dresses for my sister and me. She made curtains, blankets, you name it. 
  • I am resourceful. Mom taught me that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Mom tells a story of a time I desperately wanted to play in the snow, but I had outgrown my snow boots. Plastic wrapped shoes turned my afternoon into a winter wonderland.
I love my mom because she gave me life. It’s a bonus that she passed down these characteristics for me to pass on to the next generation. No amount of gifts or words will ever come close to expressing the love I have for my mom. I praise the Lord for working in her life and showing her favor. 

I don’t know your situation. But, it’s my hope that you can find beauty in a memory or the present moment with your mom.