I Made A Smoothie!

“No, thanks.” My friend went on to tell me how she and her husband were currently juicing, so they couldn’t have any cake. I acted like I knew exactly what juicing was and replied, “Oh, I hear that is SO good for you!” Another friend told me later that week that Monday wouldn’t work for coffee because she was peeling and chopping and storing fruits and greens for the week’s smoothies. “That’s great you devote so much time and energy to the health of your family!” My response was half surprise, half jealousy. I wondered if I’d been under a rock the last month while the world juiced and made smoothies without my knowing. 

The next week I decided to ask both of these beauties what it is they do with their blenders, why they do it, and how does it taste. 

My juicer friend is detoxing and losing weight. She mentioned apples, kale, ginger, lemons and cucumbers. It’s not called a blender. There’s actually a thing called a juicer that extracts the juice from the fruits and veges and takes out the pulp. She has her juice in the morning and then chews on ice chips during the day. For three days she also drank vegetable broth when she was hungry, or another juicer recipe. After three days, she incorporated whole foods into her diet and only juiced for one meal, eating whole foods for lunch and dinner. She said the juices taste healthy and you get used to the wholeness of the drink.
My other friend peels, chops, and stores mangos, papyas, and pineapple. Kale and swiss chard are bunched and bagged. She replaced her old blender for a Ninja. You need a powerful blender to make really good smoothies. There are recipes for making different smoothies and you just throw the food in and out comes a smoothie. She makes smoothies more for the health benefits of vitamins and they taste great. 

So, that was my lesson on juicing and smoothing?

And then the blogs I follow on Bloglovin were about…. you guessed it. 

I did some research on juices and smoothies and realized that you don’t need to be a health nut or utra-hippie to incorporate either one into your diet. Smoothies fit my family better. We like to eat. 

So, we recently bought a Vitamix at Costco with our tax refund. We watched the video, read the book, and we are now smoothers! I just made that term up. But I’m here to tell you that smoothies are worth a try. 

I found a recipe called Little Miss Smoothie on a great blog called The Epicurian. The energy and vitality I felt after drinking it was amazing! It’s so cool that I can get all those fruits and kale. Just the fact that I’m ingesting kale is pretty cool. I love that it energizes me and also takes out the trash. 

We already compost, so throwing the peels in the barrel works out well for us.

So, just wanted you to know that if you are thinking about juicing or making smoothies, you can do it! I made a smoothie, so that means you can too. 

I’m not giving up my chai tea and biscotti, but I'm happy to add smoothies to my day.