Charging Station

I probably should have done this years ago. Like many parenting issues, I’m making it up as I go and hoping my kids aren’t damaged too much. Joking aside, my husband and I do our best to parent from Truth, our parents’ wisdom, and the suggestions of wise friends. 

My boys were in the habit of keeping their cell phone (one son) and iPod (another son) in their rooms. They used the devices for music, videos, texting, etc. Both boys enjoy falling asleep to nature sounds or quiet music, since they have heard both since they were little boys.

The problem came with the realization that I no longer had little boys. My teen and preteen are transforming into responsible, handsome, and intelligent young men right before my eyes. Allowing my boys to keep their cell phones in their rooms at night was just asking for trouble. 

When trouble came, it only made sense to move their electronic devices downstairs to charge overnight. Creating a family charging station gave all of us a place to juice our distractions while we slept. A cute basket cleans up the clutter and wires. 

Taking a proactive approach to parenting is my first intent and choice, but it doesn’t always work out like that. Many times I’m reacting to situations I didn’t see coming. Use this post to evaluate how you’re helping or hurting your child when it comes to their personal electronic devices. It’s my hope that you can learn from my mistake and choose to be proactive in monitoring your child’s cell phone or iPod activity.