Zombie Mode

A few years ago, my life was crazy. I was working full time as teacher and trying to cram everything into my day that was supposed to be there. It went something like this:

6:00 press Snooze
6:15 wake up for real
6:30 coffee, shower, say a quick prayer in shower
6:45 dressed, wake up boys
7:15 leave house and teach all day
3:00 chug a Diet Coke, clean up class, attend school meeting, return parent phone calls
5:00 drive home, take food out of freezer and put in oven, say, "hey" to husband, nap for 10 minutes
5:30 homework help, clean house, do laundry, wish I had time to work out, ask kids about their day
6:00 dinner with family, boys' activities
7:00 grade papers, prepare for next day, write lesson plans, return parent emails
8:30 kids in bed, say, "goodnight" to husband
9:00 analyze student data and prepare reports, cut out and copy for next day, input grades
11:15 wish I went to bed two hours ago, fall asleep in 10 seconds

That was a typical day. That went on for six years. 

I call this Zombie Mode. I was alive, but not really enjoying my life, or even finding the time to process my days. I chose this, though. 

At age 34, I felt unfulfilled, depressed, and bitter. My college degree allowed me to work in Early Head Start, teach preschool, and facilitate Mom and Tot classes at the Y. But I wanted to Be Somebody. And, back then, I thought I was nobody. I loved volunteering in the boys' classrooms, so I got the bright idea to get my Master's degree in teaching. Then I would be be a Somebody. 

This defeated thinking led to my defeated life. You may be smack in the middle of Zombie Mode. Just know that it doesn't have to stay that way. In my blog, I'll be sharing what I did to start living a fulfilling life and how you can, too!