Digital Dinner Notebook

The Dinner Notebook worked great, for a while. Then, I realized I would like to have something more permanent, as well as an easier way to access the recipes in the menus. Two things that helped me evolve the Dinner Notebook were and Evernote. Allrecipes allows me to have a digital recipe box where I collect favorites and ones I want to try. It also lets me make menus and even spits out shopping lists for the menus. 

With Evernote, I typed out 10 months worth of dinner plans to look over and get insights into what we were eating. This helped me to see patterns in our eating, seasonal favorites, and gave me ideas for more menus. 

Here's one month of the menu. I'll put the entire 10 months on another post.

Week 1
Salmon Burgers
Potato Sausage Skillet
Pork Sirloin
Breakfast for Dinner
Orange Chicken

Week 2
Pasta and meatball
Della Ventura’s restaurant
Herbed fish fillets
Home made pizzas
Macaroni and cheese
Nana’s home made chicken pot pie

Week 3
Linguini with salmon and peas
Chicken patty sandwiches
Nutty chicken strips
Neat sloppy joes

Week 4
Creamed turkey on mashed potatoes
Country sausage soup
Busy day pork chops with red potatoes
Grilled cheese
Hibatchi café

So, planning a weekly menu, storing monthly dinner ideas,  and keeping recipes online have transformed our dinnertime. Blah became orderly and delicious. And that is beauty!