French Doors

I love being able to look out of my french doors into my backyard. But entertaining my husband in sexy lingerie in our den isn’t appealing when I know my neighbors will be getting a peep show fit only for HBO. So, I decided to make panels that could be cinched in the middle to allow a line of sight in the daytime and easy access to privacy at night. I researched how to make panels on sewing websites and visited a local fabric store quite a few times to get swatches, take pictures, dream, and ask questions about types of materials. It had been about twelve years since I last made curtains of any kind, but I found the process enjoyable and easy. If I can make these, you can, too. 

I relied on this pdf from to help with the fabric measurements and hems.

pin and iron 3/4 inch hem for sides of panels

Fold over about 3/4 inch again, pin, and iron

create a double hem by stitching in the middle of fold
You really can't mess this up! You don't need to have exact measurements for double hems on sides. Make sure you hem left and right side of each panel.

Now for the bottom hem.
Fold over and iron 1/2 inch hem. Then, fold over, pin, and iron 2 inches. Top stich hem so that you get the 1/2 inch fold in the hem. Your bottom rod will go through this.

This is the hardest part to explain, but it's pretty easy to do. You're going to create the top rod pocket and header, the small ruffle above the top rod pocket.

First, fold under 1/2 inch to the wrong side of fabric and press.

Next create a 4 inch fold. Pin fabric and stitch along the bottom of that fold.

Turn your fabric over and measure 1 inch from the top. Stitch a line across to create your header.

Trim threads from your fabric and hang. On my next post, I'll show you how to hang your panels using magnetic rods. I'll also show you how to create a cinch strap for each panel.