Sprinting through May

I just finished looking at the family calendar for May and took a few deep breaths. Then I visualized myself not freaking out. This time of year always seems to race by at 88 miles per hour, but this time I'll need to find 1.21 gigawatts to harness enough power to make it through spring!

Lots of activities and events will fill the days in May, and I'm grateful to even have the opportunity to participate and plan these get-togethers and parties. Planning ahead, prioritizing, delegating, and leaving room for the unexpected will help keep me sane until summer. However, there's one thing that soothes my brain and provides immense comfort and security. 

It's so easy to only see checklists, timelines, and estimated costs. It's harder to trust the creator of the universe with these details of my life. God can ensure the rotation of Earth and our safe distance from the sun, but He can't smooth out the wrinkles in a season life.

There's such comfort in knowing that God cares for me and wants the best for me. So, I rest in his presence, in His words and promises. I experience the peace of God when I do what I can and then invite Him to be lord of my life. I claim the joy of the Lord when I put my identity in Jesus and not in my circumstances. 

My calendar, lists, and agendas help me to keep track of and plan the events in my life. But God is working out all things for my good, no matter what day it is, what the menu might be, or who's invited. 

This peace is possible for me because I have a relationship with Jesus, and I am forever grateful. I invite you today to consider entering into a relationship with God, no matter what your background, religion, or culture might be. Know that God loves you and wants the best for you.