Two new favorite herbal teas

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Herbal Tea
Todays treat for natural beauty comes in the form of herbal tea! So, I've been trying out different herbal teas, particularly ones that help with detoxifying the body. I'm trying not to drink so much coffee and wanted alternatives to my addiction. So, I did some research and took a chance with a couple of newbies. My current favorite tea is Roasted Dandelion Root by Traditional Medicinals. 
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Organic Roasted Dandelion Root

I love the mildly bitter taste and the full-bodied roasted delight in every sip. It really is a great alternative to coffee, and it's good for you! It stimulates the liver so that your body can get rid of toxins easier. In Persia, it's known as The Small Postman because of the belief that dandelion brings good news. 

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: I love the mug!
Another great tea for supporting the body is Detox by Yogi. I absolutely love the taste. I've been drinking a cup in the morning and then at night. It has a subtle sweetness to it and boasts a combination of delicious and rich flavors. You'll find burdock, juniper berry, dandelion, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, licorice, and clove. I was very surprised at how good this tea was!
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Yogi Detox tea
With so many herbal teas available, trying out a new one can be a daunting adventure. Let me know what you think of these treats, and I'd love to hear your recommendations for herbal tea!


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