Fall Break

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Fall Break
Our whole family is looking forward to Fall Break. The boys have been working hard on their school projects and studying for tests, Mark has been adjusting to the extra workload since his promotion, and I have welcomed the cooler temperatures that call for sweaters and jeans. This weekend, the boys will join about thirty other youth from our community for Fall Charge, a weekend event organized by our youth pastor. The boys had a blast last year, and they are again looking forward to spending time in God's Word, having meaningful discussions about how scripture guides their choices, and making memories with their friends. Mark and I have the opportunity to chaperone some of the time this weekend, and that's always a treat. 

Cooler temperatures call for afghans and more steeped tea, and I'm excited to show you this week what new varieties I've been sipping. I can't wait for you to try them, too!

Later this week, I'll be talking about what happens when you get so cozy under your afghan that you don't want to come out of it, or you don't know how to get off the couch. All snuggled, you know you should be happy, but you can't figure out why you're not. That feeling has haunted many of us, and it's time we started talking about it. 

Until then, make plans for this gorgeous fall weekend. What will you be doing then?