Show your mascara some love!

Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Lavender+Mascara
Today's treat for natural beauty combines lavender essential oil and your favorite mascara! I know that Young Living Lavender essential oil is great for thinning hair, but I didn't think to use it on my lashes until a friend told me about her experience with it. 

So, I've been putting one drop into my mascara and I LOVE the benefits! It smells great and I've noticed fuller lashes. What really prompted me to do this was the health benefit of keeping my mascara and lashes clean. A few weeks ago, I had to sport a bloodshot eye for a couple days. Ugh! So unsightly. I learned that there are tiny mites that naturally live on our lashes and can cause all sorts of eye problems. You probably remember your mom telling you not to share your mascara... that's why! Mites! 
Beauty Begins with Biscotti: Lavender+Mascara
I'm thankful that my eyes are white, my lashes are full, and I smell like a lavender field! 

Let me know your results. Of course, only put a drop inside your mascara container. Never try to apply it directly to your lashes because you may end up getting the oil in your eye. 

Enjoy your treat for natural beauty!