Batman cake video and edible spray paint

Homemade cakes are cheaper than store bought ones, more personal, customized, and fun to make. My younger son turned fourteen right before school started and we had the usual suspects over for a pizza and movie sleepover. Dylan did much of the brainstorming, baking, and decorating, and through this process, we discovered edible spray paint!

I love making things from scratch and I occasionally try one of the fab DIY recipes and concoctions on Pinterest, especially during the holidays. This special occasion found me searching for images of The Dark Knight, who is a version of Batman, but not the original Batman. Apparently, the differences in the two are huge to true fans and teens, but "a Batman cake" was a sufficient explanation to my family and friends.

After looking over images for The Dark Knight cakes, we finally came across a couple that were within a real person's ability to manipulate time and space and still produce a semblance of the original design. Heather from Three Degree Cakes and Emma Philpot of Let Them Eat Cake were our inspirations for this project. 
Dylan and I found ourselves in the baking aisle of Greer Walmart Neighborhood Market, where we were overheard talking about creating black icing from food coloring and frosting. A middle-aged woman with candles and cake mix in her cart suggested that unless we wanted a gray colored cake, we should just use spray paint. The puzzled look on both of our faces must have been the prompt for the experienced baker's explanation. It turns out that edible spray paint is available at regular Walmart department stores, it goes on easily, covers as little or as much as you want, and and is tasteless. We used Wilton Color Mist Food Color spray.

A few more trips and a few hours later, we had created this year's birthday cake, and a few more precious memories. Now, there's nothing natural or organic about edible spray paint, but there's beauty in crafting a special treat from scratch with your children. 

Enjoy the video Dylan put together of the process. Let me know if you have any questions, and I'd LOVE to see what you make with spray paint that you can eat!