Mother's Day Tribute

I love this picture! It represents a legacy of love that was born with my mom, nurtured by my dad, and blossomed into a family filled with endless blessings. My mom is in the middle, and rightly so. This all began with her, and today I honor my mom and give thanks for her love.

I wanted to share with you some sweet memories I carry with me that have defined my mom and inspired me in my parenting.

Mom loved to make us breakfast. She'd have toast, or pancakes, or oatmeal, or something warm ready for us before sending us off to school. Now, she had to get up early to get three plates ready and lunches packed. I think she really delighted in serving us before the bustle of the day. This is one of my favorite things to do for my boys now.

Mom loved to make things: blankets, totes, crafts, clothes, cakes, etc. My teachers loved the homemade gifts she would make for them, and the pediatrician's office knew that when Christmas rolled around, they would receive delicious cookies. One of my favorite memories is making an Easter bunny out of a small milk carton and cotton balls. I think my mom ended up making enough for my classmates or my Girl Scout troop, so I'm sure she didn't look at another cotton ball for a while. But, I kept that bunny for a long time. I love making gifts for family and friends. 

Mom loved to laugh! While on the phone or in person, you could always hear her chuckling, and her laugh was full of amusement. Watching TV together or telling stories brought out mom's playful side, and her laugh was contagious to all who were around her. I love to laugh, especially with my family and friends.

It's with joy in my heart that I wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day! Reflecting on the loving memories allows me to pass down treasures of service, creativity, and laughter, among many others, to my boys.