My Easter Appendix

I had so much to celebrate this Easter! My husband and older son spent their entire spring break in Ecuador as part of a mission trip with a local Bible study group. All twelve guys were kept safe and healthy, and they came back changed for the better. That's definitely a praise!
Dylan and I made some day trips to visit local family, caught a great movie called Do You Believe, enjoyed an evening out for dinner and dessert, did some shopping and ended our week with a church lock-in. My biggest reason for celebrating came from the quiet reflection on how the Lord has transformed my life over the past several years. 

Oh, the peace and joy that I have through genuinely embracing the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus died for my sins, he loves me, he empowers me through the Holy Spirit, and he's prepared a place for me for eternity. Not only that, but I get to live an abundant life that is filled with loving others the way Jesus loves me. That's better than any dark chocolate in my Easter basket, although 70% organic cocoa is a delight that rivals biscotti!

living proof live

This week I had the opportunity to take God at his word. The day before Mark left the country, I went to the doctor for classic kidney stone symptoms and left being told that my appendix was inflamed, showed calcifications, and needed to come out. Not right then, but sooner than later. I was diagnosed through a CT scan, and the surgeon let me know that this can be caused by bacteria, cancer, or a stone. There's no way to tell until it's taken out. I'm glad to say that my blood tests and vitals showed a scared but healthy patient. I'll see the surgeon again this week to talk about the next step. 

I called my mom, then cried to a LifeGroup friend, cried to my hubby who was trying to pack, and then sighed to the Lord. "Really?" I asked the air. Sometimes it feels like you're just talking to the air when bad news hits you, like there really isn't a God that's listening. 

And then I was reminded of the Resurrection power in my life. I remembered how God pulled me from a pit and set my feet on solid ground. A friend texted me reassuring words from Psalm 30 and prayed with me and for me.

So, now, I wait. Answers will come, but for now, I trust. 

We had much to celebrate this Easter, and so over ham, sweet potatoes, green beans and rice, we laughed, told stories, loved on each other, and enjoyed being back together again.

I'll let you know how all this turns out, but in the meantime, I encourage you to delight in the promises that Easter represents.