Heart for Hosting

I absolutely love to host people in my home. That wasn't always the case, though. The first four years Mark and I were married, we lived in three different apartments. When we moved to South Carolina, we lived in a trailer on Mark's parents' farm. We finally bought our first house in Sumter in 2003, but we were too busy to host with work and grad school. Fast forward to today, and you'll notice cars blocking our neighbors' drives at least twice a month. 

There are several reasons why I love to play hostess:

  • Guarantees that my house will be clean
  • Forces me to be social
  • Let's me cook and bake
  • Gives me a reason to make my house look good!
  • Allows me to use what God has given me for others
You'll notice that several of these reasons benefit me. Ugh! I'm such a people pleaser that you know I won't let crumbs on the floor or fingerprints on the fridge remain while company is here. As an introvert, I'm comfortable in my pjs, on the couch with a book, listening to jazz. So, hosting every now and then helps me to put some sparkle in my social life! And you know I enjoy cooking and making things look good already. 

But, I am well aware that everything I have has been given to me by The Lord. So, as a gesture of gratitude and acknowledgment to His power, I am honored to open my house to friends and family. It brings me great joy to do so and keeps me mindful of the source of my possessions and gifts. Growing up in Ohio, I remember how my mom loved to open her home to friends and family around the holidays. And now, I get to do the same. 

For you, it might be your car, your ears, your old clothes, your cooking, your (insert here). Chances are, you're grateful for that thing and love using it to help others. Keep searching for things that you own or a talent you possess and new ways to share it with those around you.