Considering the Source

I know what it's like to live my life my own way, and I know what it's like to trust my life with Jesus. The latter path has produced joy and freedom that was only granted after the pain of acknowledging my sins and false beliefs. Oh, but the comfort, hope, and delight I have in clinging to the Truth of The Lord. 

It is this knowledge that everything I have comes from God that fuels me to examine what I have been given and then use my skills, talents, and stuff to honor God and love people. It is my hope that more often than not I hit the mark on serving God and helping those around me. Recently I've been able to bring a family in need a meal and I've been grateful for the opportunity. I thought about how cool it is that I am blessed by the experience even though it was meant to help someone else. Using my gifts to help others brings me a delightful satisfaction that stems from recognizing the source of all I get to manage. 

I'm encouraging you to prayerfully consider your resources and then offer them to God. And do not fall into the trap of thinking you don't have anything to offer. A smile, friendly conversation with a neighbor, extending an ear to a friend, organizing an event, listening to my children, and planning nutritious meals for family are just some ways I use what I've been given and then praise the Lord for the opportunities. 

Everything we are and have comes from God, and just thinking on that humbles me and reminds me of a truth from Psalm 139:14. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.