It's a cinch!

So, from the leftover panel fabric I made a cinch strap. I wasn’t exact on the measurement for these because I didn’t need to be. My fabric length began as 23 inches and my width was 15 inches. I folded the fabric into thirds length wise so that my piece was about 5 inches wide.

I then sewed a 1/2 inch hem on each length end and one inch hem down the length of the strap.I wanted an easy way to take the straps on and off, so I found these hooks and loops at a hobby store. I sewed the hooks on the the wrong/back side of the strap, about 1/4 inch from the side.


 I then wrapped the strap around the panel to figure out where I wanted to cinch the fabric. I stuck  a pin to hold my place and then sewed a loop on the OTHER side of the strap in the marked position. 

I found these magnetic rods at a stylish department store, since my french doors are metal. They were about $5 each. 

My cat was not too happy about my home decorating. He could no longer look out the window unless he stretched his neck a bit. And when you’re a lazy cat, that’s a big deal! But we all like it and I love that my panels are home made!