Setting SMART goals for 2016

Have you guys heard about SMART goals? I had not until this time last year when I became a Lemon Dropper with Young Living. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. I’ve seen other terms used in place of these words, but this is how I learned them.

I became a wholesale member of Young Living a year ago and loved the perks of getting my essential oils at a discount and earning free oils with every purchase. I guess it was like my Costco membership, except I didn’t have to push a heavy buggy around.

Anyway, my cleaning products, beauty routine, wellness regime, and health supplies were drastically transformed with essential oils, and I couldn’t keep it a secret! I wanted to share what I found with family and friends and educate people on how to incorporate essential oils into their every day. That’s when I officially joined the Lemon Droppers. We are Independent Distributors for YLEOs who focus on education and sharing our love of essential oils.

 Young Living encouraged me to set SMART goals for my business as well as other areas of my life, and this simple task helped me to maintain a focus for my time and energy each day.  This is too good not to share with you. Many organizations already have goal setting in place as a way for all tiers to achieve success and work toward a common goal.  

Setting SMART goals is a great way to make your dreams a reality and goal setting allows you to plan steps and resources needed to achieve results. So, in the areas of family, spiritual, YL biz, personal, and finances, I set five-year goals, one-year goals, and monthly goals. Breaking the goals into increments allows me to see progress and keeps me on track. 

I use the free version of Evernote to create and update my goals. I use it on my Mac, phone, and iPad. This app is great for creating and organizing your workspace.

Here’s a glimpse of my personal goals broken down into Five-year goals, yearly goals, and last year’s monthly goals.

Personal Five-Year Goals
1. 135 pounds and tone 
2. blog twice a week and featured 
3. close, personal relationships with family and friends
4. Create a yearly photo book for family
5. Read fiction, non-fiction and self-improvement books once a quarter

One-year goals 2015
1. Create a habit of cardio exercise for 30 min a day, 5 days a week.
2. Spend 20 minutes a day brainstorming/writing blog
3. Call family consistently
4. Spend 30 minutes a month organizing photos on flicker
5. Create list of books I want to read this year

January Goals
1. Schedule cardio 5 days a week and find one toning video 
2. Choose a topic by Wed, draft on Thurs & publish on Fri
3. Call family each Sunday
4. Organize closet of pix
5. Find book journal

February Goals
1. Write exercise on calendar
2. Choose topic by Wed, draft on Thurs and publish on Fri
3. Put calls on calendar
4. Organize crates of pix
5. Buy book journal

April Goals
1. Eat clean and gluten free, 
2. Look into blog book
3. Call brother and sister
4. Create piles of pix for photo books
5. Continue reading Eat Right For Life and taking notes

I must have been busy in March, since there are no monthly goals! Each set of monthly goals supports the yearly goals, which support the five-year goals. I strive for each goal to be specific, measurable, attainable, timely, and relevant, which prevents me from committing to a pie-in-the-sky idea. Mark and the boys practiced karate for a number of years under the direction of Kevin Hudson at Hurricane Martial Arts studio in Lyman. During each class, Master Hudson reinforced the concept that goals set are goals met. SMART goals are not new or mind-blowing or difficult to use, and incorporating them into your life can transform your focus, time-management, and your dreams into reality.

I seriously struggled with some of these goals, like calling family. Why is it so hard? Geesh! So, guess what's on my list this year???

There's no magic in setting SMART goals and there's no guarantee that you'll achieve these goals. But, breaking your long-term goals into 2016 goals and monthly goals, you are more likely to plan ways to reach your dreams. 

I’d love to know how you will use SMART goals this year. What’s one thing you’d like to achieve this year?