Minor Adjustments

By making a few adjustments to what and how I cook, I’m now able to offer Weight Watcher-friendly meals to the dinner table. The Simple Start menu and Weight Watcher recipes are no-brainers when it comes to nutrition and satisfying our bellies. But I have a ton of recipes that are family favorites that I wanted to keep making, even during my WW phase. 
An oldie-but-goodie is my mother-in-law’s spaghetti with meat sauce. I used ground turkey in place of the ground beef. I just feel better eating turkey instead of beef. Of course a good salad and hearty french bread rounded out our Monday. 
I was excited to learn that veggie burgers were a WW Simple Start staple, since we've eaten our share of Boca Burgers. While at Costco I found these delicious Garden Burgers that take ten minutes to cook in a skillet and are bursting with veggies! Now, these are tasty.

One thing I learned through WW was that chicken breasts have less points than chicken thighs and legs. That means I'll lose weight faster by eating white meat instead of dark. Adding just a little bit of chicken broth to the bottom of a baking dish keeps the chicken moist while it's cooking. Salt and pepper and herbs make it flavorful enough for me. I've added chicken gravy a few times to the guys' plates and we're all happy. 

You guys have to try chicken sausage! Again, it's lower in points than brats, which means I don't have to buy new fall pants. I took off the casings and cooked it in a skillet and then basically mixed it with buttered noodles. I plopped plain rotini on my plate before mixing in the margarine for the crew. Add some steamed broccoli and you have a meal. 
    You might remember me saying that Fish & Chips was one of Miles' favorite meals. You know that really good beer-battered kind that is super crispy? That's not on the plan. I've learned to dredge cod in egg and then in panko breadcrumbs and pan fry it, as well as bake it covered with breadcrumbs and herbs. Both ways are really good. And making home fries from potatoes is easy and so good! Just cut up the potatoes, mix with olive oil, salt and pepper, and other herbs. Bake for an hour at 400 and you have a delicious meal.
     There's beauty in learning how to make the meals your family loves even healthier. Keeping that great taste is key, and by making a few adjustments, I'm able to offer their favs while thinking of their health, too.