Favorite Chicken Salad

These turkey tenderloins were so... tender! I love how easy they were to prepare. Anytime I can make dinner time easier and delicious, I have to share. 

I bought the pack of two for about $5. I seasoned both sides of meat with sea salt, freshly ground pepper, dried onion, and basil. They needed to bake for about 65 minutes at 325 degrees. It literally took me 10 minutes to prepare these. 

While that was baking I steamed the frozen broccoli. I use my steamer all the time. I love the start-it-and-leave-it aspect of the steamer. 
Now for the couscous. Usually I by the boxes of couscous. The cheapest I've seen them is about $1.90 a box, which serves four. My new fav grocery store has a bulk container of couscous for $6.00 that makes 16 servings. Simple math tells me which is the better bargain. 
Well, the bulk couscous is bland and dry. I've added butter, salt, pepper, other herbs. But it just doesn't taste as good as the convenient boxes. So, I'm on a mission to spice up my frugal grain. If you have experience cooking couscous, I'd love to hear how you make it disappear. 

You have got to try this recipe for chicken salad. I know everybody has their own fav chicken salad, but this is delish! We put it on multigrain sweet rolls and served it with salad. Now, this is not the boys' favorite dish, but Mark and I liked it. 

I tell you, planning my dinners before grocery shopping has cut my grocery bill in half. I also started shopping at Walmart Neighborhood Market, and I think that helped, as well. I love that I have more time to spend on things that matter, like my family. And I'm not searching in my pantry and fridge for dinner ideas. Try it for week and see if it makes a difference. If you're already planning your meals this way, share the one thing that makes all the difference. Finding what works for you is a beautiful thing.